December 2007

December 14, 2007 marked the inauguration of Metropass and SMART E-center. The event was held at the Metropass kiosk, MRT Ayala Station from 2 to 4 pm. It unveiled the latest offering of the two most innovative companies in the country.

Metropass unveiled Phase Two of its multi-functional kiosks. It held a mini-exhibit was held showcasing the new look of the next batch of Metropass kiosks.

In conjunction with Metropass' Phase Two presentation was SMART Communications' launch of SMART E-center, located beside the Metropass kiosk at the MRT Ayala Station. The SMART E-center is a self-service wireless center where customers can avail of SMART e-services ranging from bill payments to downloads through the specialized express machines it houses. A demonstration on how the machines function, with the help f of a SMART e-center representative was also conducted at the event.

Invited guests were Mr. Robert John Sobrepena of Fil-Estate Group of Companies, Mr. Eduardo R. Santos of Metropass, Secretary Leandro Mendoza of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), and Hon. Paul Daza of the Metro Rail Transit Development Corporation (MRTDC).

SMART and Metropass forged a partnership in 2007 to jointly develop a unified electronic payment system for transportation and retail industries. The launch of Metropass' Phase Two and SMART Communications' E-center are a step towards the realization of that goal.

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