Metropass provides the general public with the convenience of having immediate access to public transit information, first aid services, and basic convenience products as they travel. Through our multi-functional kiosks, we provide these services in a professional setting and at affordable prices.

The Metropass kiosks are established at strategic locations to ensure that it is easily accessible to the general public. Our clerks are always ready to give exceptional service and assistance. We serve about 470,000 people daily with our 22 kiosks located at the unpaid concourse areas of all 13 stations of the MRT3.

The Metropass kiosk serves various purposes. It is a.

  • Public Information, Support and First-Aid Center
  • Retail Chain of Premium Convenience Products
  • Official Reloading Station for all RFID Electronic Stored-value Tickets
  • Technology and Support Infrastructure Provider

Public Information, Support, and First-Aid Center
Metropass serves as a public information, support and first aid center. We provide general transit route and fare-related information, as well as administer emergency and first-aid services to the general public.

Retail Chain of Convenience Products
Metropass is a retail chain specializing in the distribution and selling of basic convenience products at very affordable prices. Our product offering includes all forms of electronic load, cigarettes, and other convenience products. See products list

Official Reloading Station for all RFID Electronic Stored-value Tickets (coming soon)
Metropass is the official reloading station for all RFID electronic stored-value tickets at the MRT3. As an extension of the MRT ticketing system, we intend to improve existing difficulties encountered in selling and issuance of tickets at the stations through our ticketing support systems. We also help assist mitigate queuing and cash handling times through our 22 multi-functional kiosks strategically located in all stations of the MRT3.

Technology and Support Infrastructure Provider(coming soon)
Metropass is a technology and support infrastructure provider for the unified, electronic payment and ticketing system. Payment for riding the MRT3 and other purchases in the Metropass Kiosks will be made through a single, electronic, reloadable card.

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